In today's guide, we'll explore the fun and easy Explorer Screwdriver build, emphasizing mine and turret damage, as well as tree farming—a unique and cool approach. This build lets you strategically place mines and turrets to dominate opponents while excelling at resource farming, especially in tree-rich environments.

The Explorer Screwdriver build is all about using these tools effectively for both defense and offense. Additionally, we'll delve into tree harvesting as a lucrative resource gathering method. With our step-by-step guidance, you'll master this build, making it your go-to choice for an fun experience.

Brotato: Explorer Build - The new most fun build

The first 3 waves

We'll begin the run with the Screwdriver for two primary reasons. First, it scales with engineering, aligning with our future transition to an engineer role. Second, it allows us to efficiently traverse the map, gathering trees while our mines handle wave clearing, streamlining our gameplay strategy.

In the initial waves, our priority is to acquire Screwdrivers, Bags, and Trees (for increased tree spawns). It's crucial to note that this build centers around harvesting trees and selling items rather than mob farming. Additionally, if you come across Mines, Turrets, Lures, or Engineering items, they are valuable purchases to consider.

In terms of stats, our primary focus should be on Speed, Luck, and Engineering. Speed facilitates efficient traversal across the entire map, enabling us to collect more trees. Luck boosts crate drops, enhancing our farming output, while Engineering contributes to mine and turret damage, proving valuable as we progress.

Brotato: Explorer Build - The new most fun build

The mid-game transition

In the mid-game, roughly from wave 6 to wave 10, a significant power boost occurs when we acquire the Pocket Factory. This item ensures that every tree we break spawns a turret. By this point, we've likely purchased 2 to 3 Trees (More trees spawn), leading to an abundance of trees per round and consequently a formidable number of turrets actively dealing damage and clearing mobs.

Additionally, incorporating a Recycling Machine into our strategy is crucial. This item enhances the value of items sold from crates, substantially boosting our farming yield per wave and enabling the acquisition of more damage-oriented items. Considering our emphasis on Luck in this build, Cyberball and Baby Elephant are excellent choices to boost damage output and facilitate wave clearing.

The late-game

At this stage, our approach is straightforward: maintain our farming and scaling efforts. Our main priorities are building up Engineering skills and bolstering our tank-related stats and items. Concentrate on enhancing HP regen, HP, Armor, Engineering, Dodge, and Speed to ensure our character's resilience and effectiveness in the game.

Here's a list of the items we'll need

Brotato: Explorer Build - The new most fun build

To sum it up, the Explorer Screwdriver build is a practical and enjoyable approach. Emphasizing mine and turret damage, along with tree farming, provides a unique gaming experience. Prioritize Speed, Luck, and Engineering stats, and the Pocket Factory is a significant mid-game boost. A Recycling Machine enhances farming efficiency, while items like Cyberball and Baby Elephant boost damage. With this strategy, you'll efficiently handle opponents and thrive in tree-rich environments for a satisfying gaming experience.