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Character:  Streamer


+3% of your materials per second while standing still (+25 max)
+40% Damage while moving
+40% Attack Speed while moving
+2 Armor for every 1 Structure you have
-50% materials dropped
-1% Damage for every 15 Materials you have
-1% Speed for every 30 Materials you have

Character: Arms Dealer

Arms Dealer

-95% Weapons Price
+30 Harvesting
Damage modifications are increased by +33%
You start with 1 Dangerous Bunny
Shops always sell at least 1 weapon
All of your weapons are destroyed when entering a shop

Character: Cyborg


You start with 1 Minigun
Ranged Damage modifications are increased by 250%
100% of your Ranged Damage are temporarily converted into Engineering halfway through a wave (1 Ranged Damage = 2 Engineering)
Engineering modifications are reduced by 75%
Melee modifications are reduced by 100%
Elemental modifications are reduced by 100%

Character: Glutton


+50 Luck
+1 % Explosion Damage when picking up a consumable while at maximum health
Consumable have a 100% chance to explode for 10 (500% Melee Damage) damage when picked up
+25 % Items Price
-25 % XP Gain

Character: Jack


+50% damage against bosses and elites
+200% materials dropped from enemies
-75% Enemies
+250 % Enemy health
+50 % Enemy damage
Note: On higher danger levels, only Elites spawn, never hordes

Character: Lich


+10 HP Regeneration
+10 % Life Steal
100% chance to deal 10 (Max HP) damage to a random enemy when you heal
Damage modifications are reduced by 50%

Character: Wildling


+30% Life Steal with Primitive weapons
You start with 1 Stick
You can't equip weapons above tier 2

Character: Mage


+5 Elemental Damage
Elemental Damage modifications are increased by 33%
You start with 1 Snake
You start with 1 Scared Sausage
Melee Damage Modifications are reduced by -100%
Ranged Damage Modifications are reduced by -100%
Engineering Modifications are reduced by -100%

Character: Farmer


+20 Harvesting
Harvesting increases by an additional 3% at the end of a wave
+1 Harvesting when eating a consumable while at full health
-50% materials dropped

Character: Saver


+15 Harvesting
+1% Damage for every 25 Materials you have
You start with 1 Piggy Bank
+50% Items Price

Character: Gladiator


+20% Attack Speed for every unique weapon you have +5 Melee Damage
You can't equip ranged weapons
-40% Attack Speed
-30 Luck

Character: Ranger


+50 Range
You start with 1 Pistol
Ranged Damage modifications are increased by 50%
You can't equip melee weapons
Max HP modifications are reduced by 25%

Character: Entrepreneur


-25% Items Price
Harvesting modifications are increased by 50%
Gain 25% more materials from recycling items
-100% of your materials at the start of waves
Damage modifications are reduced by 50%

Character: Engineer


+10 Engineering
Engineering modifications are increased by 25%
You start with 1 Wrench
Structures spawn close to each other
Damage modifications are reduced by 50%

Character: Multitasker


+20% Damage
You can equip up to 12 weapons at a time
-5% Damage for every weapon you have

Character: Soldier


+50% Damage while standing still
+50% Attack Speed while standing still
+10% Speed
+200% pickup range
+15 Knockback
You cant attack while moving

Character: Chunky


Max HP modifications are increased by 25%
+1% Damage for every 3 Max HP you have [+3]
+3 HP recovered from consumables
-100% Life Steal
HP Regeneration modifications are reduced by 50%
%Dodge modifications are reduced by 50%
%Speed modifications are reduced by 100%

Character: Demon


+50% of your Materials are converted into Max HP at the end of a wave (10 Materials=1 Max HP)
You buy items using Max HP instead of materials

Character: Knight


+2 Melee Damage for every 1 Armor you have
+5 Armor
You can't equip ranged weapons
You can only equip tier 2 weapons or above
-50 Engineering
-50 Elemental Damage
All Harvesting modifications are reduced by 80%

Character: Masochist


+5% Damage when you take damage until the end of the wave
+10 Max HP
+25% HP Regeneration
+3 Armor
-100% Damage

Character: Bull


+15 Max HP
+25% HP Regeneration
+5 Armor
You explode for 30 (300% Melee Damage 300% Ranged Damage 300% Elemental Damage) damage when you take damage
You can't equip weapons

Character: One Armed

One Armed

+200% Attack Speed
All Damage modifications are increased by 100%
You can only equip one weapon at a time

Character: Doctor


+200% Attack Speed with Medical weapons
+10%HP Regeneration
HP Regeneration happens twice as fast
+5 Harvesting
-100% Attack Speed
All Armor modifications are reduced by 50%

Character: Explorer


More trees spawn and they die in one hit
+50% pickup range
+100% materials dropped from trees
+33% Map Size
+25% Enemies
-50% materials dropped from enemies +10% Enemy Speed
-50% Damage

Character: Speedy


+30% Speed
+1 Melee Damage for every 2% Speed you have
-100 Armor while standing still
-3 Armor

Character: Ghost


+10 Damage with Ethereal weapons
+30% Dodge
Dodge is capped at 90%
-100 Armor

Character: Sick


+12 Max HP
+25% Life Steal
You take 1 damage per second (does not give invulnerability time)
-100% HP Regeneration

Character: Pacifist


Gain 0.8 material and XP for every living enemy at the end of a wave
Trees die in one hit
-100% Damage
-100 Engineering

Character: Loud


+30% Damage
+50% Enemies
-3 Harvesting at the end of a wave

Character: Generalist


+2 Melee Damage for every 1 Ranged Damage you have
+1 Ranged Damage for every 2 Melee Damage you have
You can only equip 3 melee weapons and 3 ranged weapons at a time

Character: Mutant


+200% XP Gain
+50% Items Price

Character: Lucky


+100 Luck
All Luck modifications are increased by 25%
+75% chance to deal 1 (15% Luck) damage to a random enemy when you pick up a material
-60% Attack Speed
-50% XP Gain

Character: Old


-25% Enemy speed
+10 Harvesting
-33%Map Size
-10% Enemies
-10% Speed

Character: Crazy


+100 Range with Precise weapons
+25% Attack Speed
You start with 1 Knife
-30% Dodge
-10 Engineering
-10 Ranged Damage

Character: Brawler


+5 Melee Damage
+75% Attack Speed with Unarmed weapons
You start with 1 Fist
+15% Dodge
-50 Range
-50 Ranged Damage

Character: Well Rounded

Well Rounded

+5 Max Hp
+5% Speed
+8 Harvesting

Character: Artificer


+175% Explosion Damage
+4% Explosion Size for every 1 Elemental Damage you have
-100% Damage
Armor modifications are reduced by 50%

Character: Hunter


+100 Range
+1% Damage for every 10 Range you have
Crit Chance modifications are increased by 25%
Harvesting modifications are reduced by 100%
Max HP modifications are reduced by 33%

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