Welcome to the Farmer Build Guide, where we'll help you create an effective strategy for your run using the "Pruner" weapon.

In this guide, we'll take a practical approach to crafting a winning setup for your Farmer character. Our main focus will be on optimizing the use of the "Pruner" weapon, exploring its mechanics, and finding the best ways to leverage its strengths in battles.

We'll cover everything from gear selection to skill enhancements, providing you with insights that can enhance your gameplay. Our aim is to equip you with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about your character's build, tailored to your preferred playstyle.

By the end of this guide, you'll have a clear understanding of how to maximize the potential of your Farmer character by utilizing the "Pruner" weapon effectively. Let's get started on refining your strategy and achieving better results in your battles.

Brotato: Farmer Build - The ultimate Guide

The first 3 waves

The run begins with the weapon Pruner. Pruner will provide us with numerous consumables and help us increase our harvesting capabilities, allowing us to snowball and become the wealthiest farmer ever!

In the initial waves, our primary focus should be on avoiding damage and gathering the consumables before each wave concludes. By preventing any damage, all the consumables will be converted into additional harvesting resources. As each wave ends, the 3% increase in harvesting will also be applied to the resources we've just collected in that wave. This strategy will significantly contribute to our early run snowballing.

During the initial 3 waves, prioritize purchasing Pruner and actively search for gardens and harvesting items within the shop. Acquire all available harvesting items and limit your rolling to only 3 times for Pruner. If you come across Pruner make the purchase; otherwise, opt for acquiring additional harvesting items. In the early game, our main objective is to accumulate as much harvesting potential as possible. Here's a list of the items you'll need:

The same principle applies to the stats. Roll the dice 3 times for harvesting bonuses. If harvesting bonuses are not found, shift your focus to melee damage, attack speed, or percentage-based damage. These stats will aid you in handling the mobs during the early and mid game.

Brotato: Farmer Build - The ultimate Guide

The mid-game transition

The run is progressing splendidly; our harvesting is abundant, and we're managing the mobs quite effectively. Now, it's time for us to make preparations and transition into the mid-game phase.

Several items will significantly contribute to our snowballing and damage potential: Tractor, Crown, and Rip and Tear.

Rip and Tear will play a vital role in clearing out mobs while helping us conserve our HP. Moreover, it provides a slight increase in materials obtained, synergizing exceptionally well with Pruners. This synergy is especially potent due to the earlier accumulation of melee damage and attack speed bonuses.

Tractor is a game-changer in terms of harvesting output. Its benefits become evident within just two or three waves, making it a highly advantageous investment in terms of cost-effectiveness.

However, the true game-changer is the Crown. It imparts an additional 8% boost to our harvesting increase at the end of each wave. With the Crown in play, our snowballing gains real momentum, allowing us to amass over 100 harvesting points per wave.

Brotato: Farmer Build - The ultimate Guide

The late-game transition

As the run nears its conclusion, our harvesting numbers continue to soar, allowing us to afford everything available in the store. However, determining our optimal purchases becomes crucial at this stage. Given that the Pruner serves as more of a supplementary weapon, relying solely on it for damage isn't feasible. To address this, we should focus on acquiring engineering items and enhancing our explosion capabilities. Here's a list of essential items:

By incorporating these items into our arsenal, we bolster our offensive capabilities and ensure a well-rounded approach to dealing with enemies.


And there you have it, the strongest Farmer build! This journey through the Farmer Build Guide has taken us from humble beginnings to triumphant heights. With the "Pruner" weapon as our trusty tool, we've sowed the seeds of victory and reaped the rewards of a well-crafted strategy.

From the initial waves where we diligently collected consumables and cultivated our harvesting potential, to the mid-game transition that saw us harnessing the power of items like the Tractor, Crown, and Rip and Tear, we've witnessed our efforts bloom into success. The synergy between our strategic item choices and the innate strengths of the Farmer character has led us to become the ultimate field conqueror.

As the late-game phase approached, we recognized the need to diversify our approach. While the "Pruner" served as an invaluable asset in our arsenal, our journey wasn't complete without embracing engineering items to enhance our offensive prowess. The integration of Pocket Factory, Every Turret, Landmines, and Extra Stomach ensured that we were equipped to handle any challenge that stood in our way.