Today, we'll try the Fisherman SMG's build. This guide focuses on infinite scaling, and farming efficiently. This guide will help you win wave 20 with Fisherman!

Our strategy centers on acquiring a maximum quantity of Baits while ensuring minimal losses. The additional 8% damage provided by Baits greatly simplifies boss battles, allowing us to effortlessly surpass wave 20. We consistently purchase multiple Baits each wave, steadily increasing our damage output to reach an impressive +500%.

Brotato: Fisherman Build - The ultimate guide

The first 3 waves

the early game, focus on obtaining SMGs and securing items that boost damage. In particular, aim to purchase 2 SMGs in your initial buy, making it possible to buy a bait early on. Here are some additional items for the early stages:

Handling extra mobs early on can be a challenge, but there's a useful strategy. These mobs spawn one second later in the wave, allowing you to position yourself near the corners for an advantage. When they materialize and target you, simply move vertically (up or down) while concentrating on the nearest one. Avoid walking backward, as this can trigger their aggression and lead to chaotic encounters.

Focus on prioritizing Ranged Damage and Damage upgrades. If you come across Harvesting, consider taking it during the early waves. The synergy between Ranged Damage and the 8% damage boost from baits empowers your SMGs to deal significant early-game damage. Given the low cooldown of SMGs, this combination works perfectly for efficiently dealing with the additional mobs brought by bait purchases.

Brotato: Fisherman Build - The ultimate guide

The mid-game

Throughout the mid-game, maintain the strategy of buying items that boost Ranged Damage and Damage, along with purchasing a bait each round. As your SMGs begin dealing +10/+15 extra damage per hit, consider buying 2 baits per round. However, careful with Bosses/Elites waves, as they can be hard, and lead to losses.

Here's a complete list of the items you'll need:

Continuing with the early game approach, maintain a focus on prioritizing Ranged Damage and Damage, while also striving to strike a balance between HP, Speed, and Armor.

Early Elites can be challenging to take down, but it's achievable, and the boosted crates contribute to your overall progression. Consider skipping baits during Elite waves and concentrate on defeating bosses and securing crates for a more effective approach.

Brotato: Fisherman Build - The ultimate guide

The late-game

As you reach this stage, your damage output becomes more substantial, allowing you to start acquiring 2/3 baits each round, resulting in +16%/+24% additional damage with each wave. Consequently, tackling the wave 20 bosses becomes a relatively straightforward task. However, the real excitement kicks in post-wave 20 when you can consistently gather the maximum number of baits per wave, leading to an astonishing surge in damage output.

Here's the list:

  • Alien magic

  • Baby with a beard

  • Bandana

  • Mouse

  • Poisonous Tonic

  • Power Generator

  • Silver Bullet

  • Wandering Bot

  • Wings

Brotato: Fisherman Build - The ultimate guide

In this guide, we saw how to play with Fisherman. Fisherman can deal big damage and scale infinitly, it's a great character.