Today, we'll see the Jack Lasers build. This guide focuses on dealing big damage, making boss fights easier, and farming efficiently.

Our strategy is all about increasing damage and attack speed to make up for the slow lasers. Later on, we'll also think about getting HP. Jack can gather resources effectively in the early rounds, helping us grow stronger for the later stages. Plus, with extra damage against bosses and crazy damage by lasers, we can easily get past wave 30.

This guide will help you win wave 20 with Jack!

Brotato: Jack Build - The ultimate guide

The first 3 waves

In the early game, prioritize acquiring lasers and beneficial items for damage, attack speed, and farming. A key item to look for is Gentle Alien, offering 5% damage, +2 HP, and 5% additional enemies, boosting your farming potential significantly. Hold and buy it by wave 3. Here are more early game items to consider:

  • Lens

  • Sharp Bullet

  • Coffee

Prioritize leveling up Ranged Damage and Attack Speed in a balanced manner. Ranged Damage scales your lasers for massive damage output. Since lasers have a lengthy cooldown, invest in Attack Speed to mitigate this issue. Additionally, consider boosting HP at +6/+9 levels to prevent potential one-hit defeats due to mobs dealing 50% extra damage.

Brotato: Jack Build - The ultimate guide

The mid-game

In the mid-game (around waves 8/9), aim to accumulate 600 to 700 materials for scaling in the late-game. Prioritize investing this currency in damage and attack speed improvements. Consider acquiring essential items like Scope and Banner, which are fundamental for any ranged build. These items provide bonuses to ranged damage, attack speed, and range, all of which greatly benefit your character's performance.

Here's a complete list of the items you'll need:

Stick with the same approach for stats as in the early game: prioritize Ranged Damage, Attack Speed, and invest in HP at levels +6/+9 for a well-balanced and effective character build.

Elites will help us scale, Jack's exceptional boss-damage potential, especially with lasers, allows for effortless boss encounters and tier 4 item farming. However, it's crucial to emphasize both damage and health throughout the game, as fighting elites can be trick, and we don't want to get hit once and lose the run.

The late-game

At this point, we're pretty overpowered. Waves and bosses don't pose much of a challenge, and we're raking in 1000 materials every wave while dishing out a hefty 1000 damage per hit. Wave 20 is a breeze; we just need to grab some health-boosting items, get some life steal for healing, and armor up to handle the extra 50% damage from enemies.

Here's the list:

  • Alien magic

  • Baby with a beard

  • Bandana

  • Mouse

  • Poisonous Tonic

  • Power Generator

  • Silver Bullet

  • Wandering Bot

  • Wings

Brotato: Jack Build - The ultimate guide

In this guide, we saw how to master Jack Lasers build. Jack can deal big damage, simplify boss battles, and farm efficiently, it's a great character.

Focusing on boosting damage and attack speed to make up for the slow lasers and getting HP. Jack's resource-gathering abilities in the early stages set us up for success later on.

With our enhanced damage output against bosses and powerful lasers, conquering wave 30+ becomes achievable.