Welcome to the Lich Build Guide, where we'll help you create an effective strategy for your run using "Slingshot" as our main weapon.

In this guide, we'll take a practical approach to crafting a winning setup for Lich. Our main focus will be building multiple sources of damage, so we can clear the waves quickly and effectively.

Let's get started on refining your strategy and achieving better results in your battles.

Brotato: Lich Build - The ultimate Guide

The first 3 waves

We start with getting all 6 Slingshots, they sinergise well with our passive and other items, also the clear wave is insane and they also have a decent scalling.

During the initial 3 waves, prioritize purchasing Slingshots and search for Ranged Damage in the shop, it'll help us farm more in the early game so we can build our multiple source of damage strategy. Here's a list of the items you'll need:

For stats we want to get a mix of them, in the early-game, Ranged Damage and Attack Speed are great options for the early level ups, of course HP is a great stat, but in the first waves look for high value HP, we'll focus on it later on. Also look for high value Luck, it will help us doing more damage with Cyberball and Baby Elephant.

Brotato: Lich Build - The ultimate Guide

The mid-game transition

Now, it's time for us to make preparations and transition into the mid-game phase.

So we bought 6 Slingshots and our items, now the Luck will help us find those good scale items. One great sinergy for Lich is buying the item Blood Donation, so every tick of the damage it causes us, our passive deals damage. Here's a list of the items to look for in this phase:

For stats, we now focus on getting a lot of HP and Life Regeneration/Life Steal, we're also looking for more Luck and high value Ranged Damage.

Brotato: Lich Build - The ultimate Guide

The late-game transition

Now we have a lot of damage comming from multiple ways, the bounces from the Slingshots, the multiple shots of Baby With a Beard, our passive and Cyberball/Baby Elephant combo, at this point in the game, the build plays by it self, all we look for now, is scalling more, here's the list of some good items for the late game:

Brotato: Lich Build - The ultimate Guide

And there you have it, a nice and strong build that in the end plays by itself, just like the Lucky build, its a nice build for wave +20, really strong against Bosses/Elites and with a perfect wave clear.