Welcome to the Lucky Build Guide, where we'll help you create an effective strategy for your run using the "Slingshot" weapon.

In this guide, we'll take a practical approach to crafting a winning setup for your Lucky character. Our main focus will be getting a lot of luck items and stats, and expanding our damages sources.

Let's get started on refining your strategy and achieving better results in your battles.

Brotato: Lucky Build - The ultimate Guide

The first 3 waves

We start with getting all Slingshots as possible, Slingshots sinergise well with our passive, the ricochets hit multiple targets at the same time, dealing enough damage for our passive to finish the job.

During the initial 3 waves, prioritize purchasing Slingshots and search for trees and bags in the shop, it'll help us later on. Buy all luck items and the main two items for this build, Cyberball and Baby Elephant, they sinergise so well with our passive and extra luck. Here's a list of the items you'll need:

For stats we want to get a mix of them, of course Luck is important for this build, but in the early-game, the stat avaiable is only +5 and we already start the run with +100 Luck, so Ranged Damage and Attack Speed are great options for the early level ups.

Brotato: Lucky Build - The ultimate Guide

The mid-game transition

Now, it's time for us to make preparations and transition into the mid-game phase.

Several items will significantly contribute to our snowballing and damage potential: Baby With a Beard, Hunting Trophy, Pocket Factory, Recycling Machine, and Rip and Tear.

Rip and Tear will play a vital role in clearing out mobs. Moreover, it provides a slight increase in materials obtained, synergizing exceptionally well with our ricochets from the Slingshots.

Baby With a Beard has a similar role as the Rip and Tear, will help us clear the wave and deal enough damage for finishing with the passive.

Hunting Trophy helps us farm more materials each wave, and Critical Chance has a extra value for this build because of the Lucky Coin item, so it's a win win.

Pocket Factory will be another source of damage and clear wave, since we bought a lot of Trees in the early-game, Pocket Factory is a nice option for us.

Talking about Trees, Recycling Machine it's our main source of farming materials, Luck increases our chances of getting items in trees, and Recycling Machine increases the materials we get from recycling the crafts, this in the late-game will help us get 1000+ materials per wave.

For stats we keep the same strategy as the early-game, but this time we look for high value Critical Chance.

Brotato: Lucky Build - The ultimate Guide

The late-game transition

Now we have a lot of damage comming from multiple ways, a nice farming strategy working and thats it. We just need to keeping getting stronger with more Ranged Damage, more Attack Speed, more Luck and more Critical Chance, Here's a list of items for the late-game:

By incorporating these items into our arsenal, we just become pretty much invencible for the rest of the run, this build is pretty good after wave 20 and farms pretty well after it.

Brotato: Lucky Build - The ultimate Guide

And there you have it, a nice and simple build that in the end plays by itself, a really fun part of this build, is farming 10+ crafts per wave and getting a lot of materials from them.