Welcome to the Mutant Build Guide, where we'll help you create an effective strategy for your run using "Shotgun" as our main weapon.

In this guide, we'll take a practical approach to crafting a winning setup for Mutant. Our main focus will be getting a lot of Ranged Damage, Damage and Attack Speed in the early levels.

Let's get started on refining your strategy and achieving better results in your battles.

Brotato: Mutant Build - The ultimate Guide

The first 3 waves

We start with the Shotgun for this build, Shotguns will help us wave clear in the early game and they also have a good scalling, and since our character gets a lot of stats, we can make they're scale even better.

During the initial 3 waves, prioritize purchasing Shotugns and search for Ranged Damage in the shop, it'll help us farm more in the early game, which means more XP and more stats. We also need to look for XP booster items, like Scar. Here's a list of the items you'll need:

For stats, we need pure damage, focus on Ranged Damage, Damage and Attack Speed. But if you can't find them, a high value Luck is also a good call, since Luck help us getting more value on the stats.

Brotato: Mutant Build - The ultimate Guide

The mid-game transition

Now, it's time for us to make preparations and transition into the mid-game phase.

So we bought 6 Shotguns and items now are a bit expensive for our wave budget, so choose wisely the items you buy, look for good Ranged Damage items and wave clear items, here's a list of some of them:

For stats we keep the same strategy as the early-game, but this time we're also looking for some high value Life Steal.

Brotato: Mutant Build - The ultimate Guide

The late-game transition

Now we have a lot of damage from our Shotguns, they're scaled and ready to kill some bosses, the level ups at this point start to slow down a bit so our scale isn't infinite, and the price for items are way beyond our budget, so we can buy everything we want, but all we need is to get to wave 20 and deal enough damage, for that, here's some items for this phase in the run:

Now that our level ups are harder to get, we need only the essencial and with high value, like Life Steal, Ranged Damage, Damage and Attack Speed, Luck now loses its value since we're getting ready to end the run, but with a win!

Brotato: Mutant Build - The ultimate Guide

And there you have it, a nice and strong build, Mutant doesn't have a crazy scale, but its super strong early/mid game tends to snowball in to the late game, making it easy defeating Elite/Bosses.